ASIV has sped to the forefront of fitness center building with the immaculate construction of Elite Military Fitness in Robina, Coomera & Narang. EMF Fitness Centers at these locations boast state-of-the art training facilities, complete with high altitude training, 25m swimming pools and suspended yoga/hot yoga.

Featured rooms in the fitness centers include high altitude rooms with self-adjusting nitrogen feeds, boxing studio, spin studio, reformer pilates studio, crossfit area, yoga studio, bar room/dance studio, daycare areas, high altitude swimming pool, male/female/family change rooms with 10 showers and sauna/steam room, as well as a full café, providing snacks and other refreshments.


Gymnasium fitout


Elite Military Fitness – Robina, Coomera & Nerang

What We Did

Fitness centre construction

EMF Robina